I’m under the age of 18 can I attend the show with a parent or guardian?
Unfortunately no. It is our house policy that no Under 18’s be permitted in the venue. This is regardless of parental or guardian supervision.

Will I need to bring photo I.D?
Yes. All photo ID cards must be produced upon entry and will be scanned. Current Licensing Law state that the following ID is acceptable: Australian Driver Licence / Victorian Learner Permit / Proof of Age Card / Keypass and Australian & Foreign Passport. For information on Victorian Liquor Licencing Law contact Liquor Licencing. Phone: 1300 650 367

Can I bring recording devices like audio, camera or film into the show?
No, you cannot record an artist’s performance. You would require permission from the artist as per the Copyright Act, as the performance is ‘owned’ by the artist. We as the venue do not have the authority to allow such recordings to take place.

Do you have a cloakroom and cash withdrawal facilities?
We do. The cloakroom is located on the Ground Floor to the right of the main room. THERE IS A FEE per item. Eftpos facilities are also located here.

Can I chew chewing gum then spit it onto the floor or stick it in obscure places around your venue?

Does the Palace have disability access?
The Palace has a moveable ramp close to the front door – please call staff on the week of the show 9650 0180, as we will usually ask you to enter 15 minutes prior to doors opening. The main room has ramps all the way to the stage – and the stage can be viewed from a graduated floor. The Palace Theatre has three levels. Levels one & two can only be accessed via stairs.

Is there seating?
Non-reserved seating is available on the 1st & 2nd floors

Can I leave once I’ve come in and then come back later?
No. There are no pass out’s available. Although there is a vending machine full of tasty snacks – you may wish to grab a bite from one of the many restaurants in the area before you come into the show.