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Empress of All Seasons

Emiko Jean Author

Hazards of Time Travel

Joyce Carol Oates Author

Heirs of the Founders

H. W. Brands Author

My Sister, the Serial Killer

Oyinkan Braithwaite Author

The Museum of Mysteries

Cassiopeia Vitt Adventure (Series)

Steve Berry Author
M. J. Rose Author

Fire & Blood

Song of Ice and Fire (Series)

George R. R. Martin Author
Doug Wheatley Illustrator

Vita Nostra

Sergey Dyachenko Author
Marina Dyachenko Author

How Long 'til Black Future...

N. K. Jemisin Author

Queer Eye

Antoni Porowski Author
Tan France Author


Robin Talley Author

Thanks a Thousand

TED (Series)

A. J. Jacobs Author